Views on Arif V 216

18 Mar 2017

So, that wasn’t anticipated at all. At least not commonly. It’s actually a surptise that Cem Yilmaz was making a new movie, shot a teaser for it and we only noticed that after the teaser was released. Touché, I guess? To be short, it’s a third part to a 2004 classic Turkish Sci-Fi comedy GORA and its not-so-acclaimed sequel AROG. I’m kind of of the opinion that the teaser relies way too much on nostalgia, not giving us familiar characters but making us faintly hear relatively iconic lines from the first two movies (mostly the first). But despite that, it got me hooked enough that I’m writing a blog-ish post about it. After that, I don’t have much commentary. Just go and watch the teaser.