A Conspiracy Theory

22 Mar 2017

There are many conspiracy theories and theorists around. Each of these have some amount of (or a lack of) intellectual merit. To the point most of those theorists are commonly labeled conspiratards. The whole Illuminati-Templars-Jews-Freemasons clusterfuck 1.

So, the first thing is someone I personally knew. He ended up becoming a freemason a couple of years after we met. That led me to think, tongue-in-cheek, that if all masons were as friendly as him; why don’t they just come our and rule directly. Another common “conspiracy theory” we commonly mention is that all the cats are conspiring to overthrow the oppressive hooman regime one day in a “cat putsch”.

The eye on a pyramid, as seen on a dollar note

To come to today’s weird conspiracy; while analyzing Enki Bilal’s The Nikopol Trilogy in class, several things were mentioned one after the other, a pyramid shaped spaceship, Templar-inspired clothing, that represents the US Dollar etc. that I was trying hard to resist the urge to mention Illuminati. So, a bunch of people claim that there are a bunch of things are subliminal messages to make you think about the clusterfuck. The problem is, they don’t. However, they do after being constantly bombarded by conspiratard propaganda.

The point I’m coming to is, what if there is an actual conspiracy but the conspiratards are a part of this conspiracy? A bunch of people select a bunch of random symbols, then get another bunch of people to spread propaganda benefitting you, and associate those symbols with those propaganda? Won’t you end up with a bunch of symbols (not necessarily subliminal) that are strongly associated with a message you want? I’m not making claims, just asking questions 2

  1. What a fitting thing to write about right after David Rockefeller’s death 

  2. Can’t really say that without giggling